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Hair Transplantation For Hair Loss In Women

Hair loss incidence is increasing rapidly in women in terms of our age. As a result, male pattern hair loss is also seen.

The only treatment method for women who develop male pattern hair loss is hair transplantation.

Causes of hair loss in women are:

Iron deficiency; anemia, thyroid diseases and ovarian hair loss related hair loss problem treatment is fueplus technique.

Fueplus technique is transferring the healthy hair cells in the neck one by one into loose areas.

Transplanted hair begins growing after 3 months and they complete growing in 6-7 months.

Hair Transplantation in Menopause

kadinlarda-sac-dokulmesi[1]Hair loss incidence increases in menopause condition of women.

This increased hair loss condition is due to hormonal changes in menopause. If hair loss becomes more like male pattern hair loss in time, it is proper to do hair transplantation in menopause too.

Does pregnancy cause hair loss??

Some hair loss may be experienced in pregnancy and after due to hormonal changes and this is a normal hair loss process.

If hair loss problem continues after the pregnancy persistently, you must consult a doctor and take precautions.

Why do women suffer hair loss??

1- Hormonal reasons

2-Menopause period

3- Anemia conditions

4-Iron deficiency

5- Stress

6- Mid seasons

7- Thyroid diseases

8- Improper use of cosmetics

9- Zinc, biotin, vitamin E and B deficiencies

Does buzz cutting or shaving the hair bring it back??

It makes the hair to grow a little thicker. However, lost hair is lost from its roots and it is no use for regrowing