Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy, Hair Mesotherapy is the application of the classical mesotherapy to scalp. Mesotherapy can also be applied to eyebrows, moustaches and beard site in order to strengthen the present hair follicles. Hair Mesotherapy contains all the treatments towards strengthening follicular units in any hairy site. However, because of the fact that the problem is mostly hair loss and the purpose is to strengthen the skin, hair mesotherapy may refer to mesotherapy of the scalp.

The basis of hair mesotherapy is injecting a special drug to the related area. The problem is usually hair loss or weak hair. Mesotherapy applied scalp site circulates more blood and this effect lasts longer with drugs.

mezoterapi-ile-sac-tedavisi1]Drugs:Hair mesotherapy drugs are ceratolytic agents, vitamins, minerals and surface wideners. All of them are treatment agents and they form a synergy when used together.

Effect duration: The effect of hair mesotherapy becomes visible usually after the second session. Second session should be applied a week later unless mesotherapy doctor advises otherwise. Therefore, positive results are expected at least a week later.

Usually, some of the hair is lost after the first session. This is a natural condition and it should not cause loss of hope. Hair loss will stop and more powerful hair will grow after the second session.

Session frequency: Hair mesotherapy is applied planning two separate treatments as AGGRESSIVE and PREVENTIVE treatment. Aggressive treatment is the first applied treatment and it is done more frequently in short time. It is preferred in first periods that have active hair loss. Steps of Aggressive treatment are:

1. Adım:A total of 10 sessions applied once a week.