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Hair transplant Treatments

DHI Hair Transplant

The DHI hair transplant technique is an innovative method which helps in achieving higher density by using the CHOI Implanter Pen. It also doesn’t require opening the incisions (canals) in a separate step since the grafts are directly implanted into the scalp.

Micro FUE Hair Transplant

Micro FUE stands for 'microfollicular unit extraction'. In this hair transplant technique tiny incisions are made in the balding areas and hair follicles removed from the back of the head are implanted, one at a time. The follicles are removed using the Micro Motor device. 

PRP and Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is becoming popular in the field of dermatology due to its ability to stimulate hair growth. Through this method, blood is taken from the patient and processed to isolate platelets that are then injected into the scalp at multiple points to stimulate hair growth. Most patients report new hair growth within four to six months of treatment.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

The Sapphire technique is performed in the same manner as the Micro FUE but the only difference is in the tool used to create the incisions in the recipient area. Instead of the steel blades, gemstones blades are used which ensure shorter recovery due to relatively smaller size of incisions.  

Facial Transplant

Facial transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to increase the amount and thickness of facial hair. This includes the beard, moustache and eyebrows. The procedure involves moving hair from areas such as back of the head and placing them in the desired area. 

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We expect our work to make a great difference in the lives of our patients. We make it our mission to take responsibility in being attentive to the needs of all of our patients as they evolve towards the transformation they desire. We will do everything possible to achieve these goals for each of our patients. We believe it is a privilege to be given permission to professionally alter your appearance and we want to be with you until you are fully satisfied. This is why we follow-up with each of our patients closely after their operation to give them advice and answer any concerns they may have.

  • We have highly ethical and experienced medical team
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Hair transplantation  is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia. It can take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours depending on the number of grafts to be extracted. In the first few days small crusts can form around each transplanted hair, which is totally normal. Usually, a patient can travel back home on the third day and resume non-arduous activities. After approximately 4 weeks, the transplanted hairs start to fall out and would start to regrow at 3 months. The patient may resume shaving his beard one month after the procedure.


There are very minimal risks associated with the procedure and those are the ones associated with standard hair transplants. For instance, a 1mm hypopigmentation in the the donor site can be visible if the hair is completely shaved.

However, FUE is the safest hair restoration procedure out there. In our center we do not perform Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) because of the risks associated with it.

Using the lateral grafting method, hair grows like a normal hair with the texture and the characteristics of the hair grafts extracted from the scalp. The patient can manage it, by grooming it, shaving it or allowing it to grow to any length desired. Once transplanted the new hairs are permanent and difficult to tell apart from the original hair.

When undertaking FUE procedure, it is essential to shave the donor area in the back of the scalp wherefrom the hair follicles will be harvested. The surgeon usually shaves a wider area to be able to extracts the maximum number of grafts possible without doing any harm to the donor area. However, no to very minimal shaving is needed for the receiving area of the hair.

It is usually seen in men. The most important factor in the hair loss is genetic. Other factors that trigger the destruction are stress, depression, seborrheic skin disease, and sometimes it is a side effect of some medications.

  • Stop taking medications that contain Aspirin one three days before procedure as they increase your risk of bleeding, which can make your hair transplantation last longer.
  • Refrain from smoking and any nicotine containing products such as Electronic cigarettes, at least one week before your procedure. Nicotine inhibits blood vessels and prevent oxygen rich blood from getting to the transplantation sites.
  • Refrain from alcohol consumption as it increases bleeding risks during the procedure
  • If you routinely dye your hair to cover gray hair refrain from doing that for at least three days before your appointment.
  • If you are taking any blood thinners (such as  Plavix, Coumadin and Heparin) let us know, as it may be a contraindication to your hair transplant procedure.
  • The morning of your appointment shower and wash your hair thoroughly with your normal shampoo. Refrain from using any gels, or hair spray products .
  • Make sure you wear loose comfortable clothes that doesn’t need to be pulled over your head after you are done. This is so that it does not dislodge the bandage or damage your newly planted grafts after your procedure.
  • It is important to eat breakfast the day of your procedure. Lunch will be provided for you, let us know if you have any allergies or special needs.
  • FUE is performed under local anesthesia, however you will be given light sedation to help you relax through the length of the procedure. So, expect to go straight to your rest in your hotel after you are done.


The first step to hair transplantation, of the donor is anesthetized locally. of the donor is anesthetized locally.Graft purchase process begins after local anesthesia.With a 24- carat gold plated pins, without causing allergies grafts are taken one by one.Received grafts examined under a microscope , separating the healthy and fractured graft.Thus, only healthy grafts are used in hair transplantation procedure.Syntax count and made healthy graft. Thus grafts for planning made in October will be shared.


Considering the requests of our patients , the medical front hair line is drawn with the pen to create a natural front hairline.In determining the front hairline , there are a few important details to be considered. All detailed information such statement is made to inform our patients , and we are making decisions with our patients optimal design will satisfy our patient.


PrP -assisted method of hair transplantation techniques channels with slit opening, Dhi not my point channel plantation.Grafts with a special pen ( stylus choi ) are planted directly.In terms of channel my hair is done with a special needle percutaneous.This is one of the most important stage separates from each other hair transplantation technique.


grafts are placed one by one to be planted into slots. PrP -backed hair and applying at this stage percutaneous hair,With the pen in Dhi cho grafts hair transplant varies implementation of this phase is loaded directly to the scalp.


The first dressing is made to the donor area after Hair transplantation is completed, Cleaned using antibacterial wipes and headband fitted in order to prevent stroke, edema of the face.
If the patient is found in the external environment , it is kindly requested to wear the special hat.Our airborne dust from these patients , it is important to protect it from rain drops and other factors.

Wound Care:

  • To keep swelling to a minimum, apply an ice pack on your forehead for 15 minutes every hour. Not on the grafts and at least 3 centimetres from your hairline.
  • It is expected to experience grafts falling out over the first few weeks after the procedure. In rare cases, you may also experience “shock loss” around the donor area, this hair along with the transplant hair will grow in 4 to 6 months after the procedure.



  • Avoid strenuous activities  of any kind for one week after the procedure. Too much activity can cause swelling or bleeding and loss of grafts.
  • Bend at the knee instead of waist to pick up objects or tie shoes.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for one week after the procedure, as it may increase swelling.


  • We will prescribe an antibiotic that you should take as directed by your doctor
  • Pain medication will be provided to be taken as prescribed by doctor for post operative discomfort.



  • Numbness may occur in graft sites. It is normal and it will usually go back to normal in four to six weeks post-operation.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or cold for 2 weeks.
  • Abstain from alcohol for one week after the procedure.
  • Our professional will give you exact instructions as to how to take care of the graft sites for the two weeks after the procedure.
  • Tight headgear such as hats, scarves, and other coverings are strongly contraindicated in the first two weeks after your transplant procedure.

I came from Morocco for a hairline lowering operation, since my childhood I have had a large forehead. the result is very satisfying so far. I want to thank everyone at SELANT Hair and I wish you a successful continuation. best luck

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