Causes-of-Hair-LossMajor Causes of Hair Loss

The total loss of 50-100 hairs a day is acceptable within normal limits . If an excessive amount of hair loss and thinning hair in occurs, consult a doctor as soon as possible . Knowing the causes of hair loss will allow you to take some measures from the beginning , will guide you through the correct form of treatment when you have a problem . Here are the main causes of hair loss will save you from this important issue.

Inappropriate use of hair care and cosmetics:

Paint, bleaching , straightening or perming as methods can damage the hair if not done right conditions. Application of these methods simultaneously or frequently can cause hair to weaken or fracture . horsetail hair pulling , mesh, should not be applied too often the collection of tight rubber hair-like manner . Because of the constant pulling force acting on the scalp can cause hair loss. Frequent washing , brushing the scan and can break the hair .

Familial hair loss

It is the most common cause of hereditary hair loss , the hair that has seen a reduction in the inheritance, but says if baldness occurs . In this case the ‘ male pattern baldness ‘ and called on the age 20-30’l can begin . Provide a permanent improvement , except for hair transplantation is not yet possible , the method should be selected by the physician to be appropriate for the patient.

Alopecia areata:

Smooth surfaces in this type of hair loss occurs coin size or slightly larger circular areas. Rarely it can occur in all hair and body hair loss . It can be seen at any age, who is not known why this type of hair loss , the hair grows spontaneously in many patients later .

Saç_dökülmesi_ve_nedenleriThyroid diseases:

Or an underactive thyroid gland can cause excess hair loss , hair loss avoided by the treatment of the disease.

Missing protein -containing diet:

Poor diet or eating habits abnormal protein that occurs with anyone in protein deficiency and hair to maintain body protein puts a resting stage . It occurs in 2-3 months after an intensive hair loss. This situation may improve with an adequate amount of protein intake .

iron deficiency:

pointing to the experts that cause hair loss , iron deficiency , some people missing as they received dietary iron , and some said that the inadequate absorption of iron from the gut.

Major surgery and chronic diseases:

indicating major surgery they may notice excessive hair loss within 1-3 months in patients with the experts , this situation could be passed within a few months, and in people with severe chronic disease reports will continue a lifetime of hair loss .

Fungal diseases:

Can spread starting with the crust in small patches , breaking hair , scalp redness and swelling , and even leakage can cause fungal disease more often that experts seen in children , reports that the disease should be treated necessarily drugs .

Hair plucking disease(Trikotilomani):

Children and sometimes adults, hair , eyebrows or eyelashes can take up to Tear off by and it makes it a habit.