Understand the Advantages of Follicular Unit Extraction


Follicular Unit Extraction comes with multiple benefits. It does not leave any scar and does not cause any pain at the time or after treatment. Patients are also not exposed to risks such as large scars and/or pain.

FUE being internationally recognized, it has become very popular these days. Selant hair team has 10 years of experience, probably most experienced FUE only clinic in Turkey (since 2004). These are some of the benefits of “FUE”:

  • FUE has a major advantage over the traditional strip/FUT hair transplant technique such that no visible scars is seen even after short hair
  • Donor area from where the hair is removed looks unaffected and unchanged in this treatment
  • FUE Hair Restoration ensures natural look and does not give any feeling that one has gone through any hair transplant treatment
  • Natural hairlines assured on the head after restoration giving you an attractive look
  • Expedite recovery in a few days instead of months as no scalpel or stitches are used in the treatment
  • Treatment is without any major wounds
  • No pain during or after the treatment so you can drive home just after the treatment
  • Local anesthesia used at the time of extraction for the comfort of the patient like one used by a dentist