Selant Hair’s hairline method: It focuses on Natural Hairline, Maximum Fit, Strategic Placement and Temple Angle Finish.

This combination ensures that hair transplantation is not noticeable for each patient.

In Selant Hair, our philosophy, hair transplantation must be by anyone, whether strangers or nearest relatives, indistinguishable. The Selant Hair FUE hair fixation method focuses on the realization of this for every patient.


Drawing a Natural Hairline:

1- Natural Hair Lines

Selant Hair recommends a unique and always natural approach to drawing the hairline. Everyone’s face is different, there are no two people with the same hairline. It is important to design not just the new hair line, but design the entire hair according to the characteristics of that person. The patient’s age, ethnicity and previous natural hairline placement are also considered.
2- Maximum density

The grafts are 100 – 200 centimeters square. Alvi Armani’s high-tech hair transplantation process replicates this natural frequency and allows 80-120 grafts per centimeter. Less dense hair transplantation, performed with 20-30 grafts per square centimeter, results in spaces between hairs and unsatisfied patients who need further treatment.

The maximum density dense hair transplantation procedures performed by Selant Hair Transplant doctors are a major technological development demanded by patients worldwide.


3- Strategic Placement

Selant Hair is proud to be able to create a hairline with natural flow, where each hair root is perfectly placed. It is very important that each graft is placed at different angles to mimic the irregular growth pattern of nature. In our center we use the latest technology and carefully cultivates each hair root.

The end of the temple angle is a very difficult field in the hair transplant industry. Only doctors who are trained in hair implant should do this. The most important point here is that each hair combines with the hair line and places it at the right angle. Each hair has a slight forward and sideways angle. This will not be noticed and it is possible to create hair in the natural flow. Selant Hair uses artistic methods to complement the natural temple angle finish with a young, authentic look.
4-Lateral Grafting

One of the most important elements of hair transplantation is to ensure the natural appearance of the newly planted graft. Doing so requires the skills of an experienced surgeon in the placement of the grafts in the proper angle and right direction. Any center can transplanted hair follicles but not every center can do so while maintaining the natural look of the patient’s face.
For optimal results, we in Selant hair, use the Lateral Slit Technique which is the most advanced in order to reproduce the natural growth direction of the hair. This technique also gives the illusion of greater hair density than the vertically placed follicles.


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