1.About us

We have set out to deliver the most experienced services in our renovated center. Our Medical Center aims to provide the best health services with the quality standards that you need with modern, easily accessible and affordable prices.

Medihaus Surgical Medical Center aims to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level with its service quality. Specialist doctors provide treatment services in many medical departments with qualified health and support staff, operating rooms and birth halls.


All employees within the Medihaus Surgical Medical Center serve patients and their relatives without discrimination on the basis of “Patient always first” principle, honesty and quality principles. The experienced friendly staff of the Medihaus Surgical Medical Center knows that it is its duty to keep patients informed at all stages.

Microbiology Laboratory and Radiology Unit well as 24 -hour emergency service and the Indoor Unit has.

2. Quick Look

  • Single Patient Rooms
  • 2 Operating Rooms
  • 2 Delivery Rooms
  • 4D Color Ultrasonics
  • Imaging Center
  • MRI
  • Lab
  • ESWL (Stone Breaking)
  • 7/24 Emergency Service and Women’s Birth
  • Plastic Surgery

3. Mission

Our quality and economic services, which are based on ethical values, respect of patient rights, care for patients and employee safety, are presented with qualified and expert staffs regardless of religion, language or race. Our mission is to provide our patients with the best possible results according to their individual needs.

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